Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Comfort Food

Ah fall.  The beautiful leaves, wonderful weather and fall food. When fall hits I become a caterpillar scurrying to find a place to cocoon, and concoct my favorite fall comfort foods.
Yes, that's actually a caterpillar, not a small dog.
The problem is that I want them all at once. After a summer of hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and cook out goodies, I yearn for something hearty and satisfying.
It started with a yearning for shiitake, portobello mushroom soup and homemade bread that we wiped out in one sitting.  It then rolled over into Chili.
Stan likes Chili Mac (which is sooo Not chili).  And he likes it a bit soupy, while I like mine a bit thicker - guess more like a stew.  He claims it's an Irish thing (too bad I am Scottish).  Then we have the discrepancy over which beans to use, chili (pinto) beans verses kidney beans.  And the final deal breaker, I like mine with crackers, both butter and ummm...peanut butter - and he calls me tasteless and I arch my eyebrow towards his macaroni.  I swear I’m just going to start making double batches. 

Really Stan is a pretty good cook, and he does most of the cooking, bless his heart.  I try to limit my cooking, because we don't want things to get carried away in the wrong direction - ex: Me having to cook. But there are some instances where I just have to get involved.  Like meatloaf.  My meatloaf is kind of soft and light, while his is more like a brick. I have shown him on numerous occasions what to include and how to do it.  But, well it' kind of like me making rue - he just can't seem to get the hang of it.  Or maybe he doesn't want to?? 

So anyway, I'm heading back into my hibernation mode - big hair, big feather down jackets, baileys and coffee, and all things fall, including my waistline. Tomorrow potato soup with kielbasa ~ yumm...O.K. so all I'm thinking about is my gut...but I'm going to transform into a beautiful butterfly this spring, provided I latch on to the get fit January swing.

If you like caterpillars, make sure to visit Richard Seaman's website.  He has some amazing shots of caterpillars, and interesting facts, like why the wooly bear is the most famous caterpillar. 

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  1. What a hoot. I am like that in the fall, I want comfort food. Both of my adult children cook and we all have different ways to do things. At Thanksgiving everyone makes a dish or two. You should see the kitchen. and the comments on how something should be done. lol


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