Monday, June 29, 2009

Mackinac Island

Lot's of history to explore at Mackinac Island.  Of course you know there are no motorized vehicles, except for the golf carts that the resort allows on the greens.  Don't think that's quite fair - Do you?
Views from Arch Rock

Views of the Grand Hotel - Where they filmed "Somewhere in Time" with Christoper Reeves and Jayne Seymour.  Est. in 1887 this a true delight.  Room rates start a $235.00.  These are tiny old rooms, such as they were back then.  Think Waldorf-Astoria or the Homestead.  Much character and charm, but tiny accommodations.  Not for the noisy crowd either - that would be us!

We had a nice beach front room.  Not that we got in the water.  Way too Cold!  Nice views of the lighthouses and the boats going back and forth.  Found these two lonely little yellow flowers just blooming where they were planted.  Of course there's the beach rats, which mom and Di find hilariously funny to feed.  I've been having this bird feeding problem with those two for the last twenty years.  If they spot a gull they feed em!  One of these days someone's gonna get their eye poked out or pooped on and it won't be funny then, Missy!

Lilac festival is around the 1st week in June, but you can enjoy them through mid month.  Like our tour guide said "Thank goodness for the lilac's - you get a whiff of them through one nostril to compensate for the pee-u whiff of the horse doo in the other!"  Little Stone Church and the Governor's mansion.

If you like antique you'll Love Mackinac.  These are some great old carriages and a fire engine carriage from day gone by.  Field of wild flowers that I just wanted to float on.

Fort Mackinac & lilacs in bloom

I took some shots of these old pictures with the horses pulling sleds full of supplies out to the island during the winter.  Thought it was absolutely fascinating!

Another photo shot of a barge delivery hay to the horsey's on the island

Found this in one of the shop windows!

It was really just an awesome trip to be able to spend with your closest family gal pals.  I'll treasure these memories for a lifetime - end that's all you have.

So that concludes the Early Summer JunkYard Gypsies Caravan Tour!  Who knows where we'll end up next year, or maybe this fall, or heck summers still here there's surely something on the horizon!

Ciao for now Caravan Cruisers!

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