Monday, July 27, 2009

Jim VanSchepen's Estate Auction

Jim's actually one of Stan's relatives, so we decided to make it an auction weekend, and go say Hi!  Actually I just went because I had my eye on Tonto and the Lone Ranger, but they went for a CRAZY amount.  I had already done my research and If I can't at least double my money I don't buy - period.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the bidding process and over spend for items.  I saw people buying things for outrageous prices in regards to what the market is paying.  I guess they have stores that they are going to let it sit and rot in.  Don't you think that sometimes when you go into these antique stores?  Like, well I guess you love it more than I do, so feel free to keep it for another 20 years.  Maybe they'll bury you with it.
Stan and Jim talking

Ok, now they've got to pose.  Stop it - I get way better pictures without all the posing!

So you know how when you go to these auctions and you're kicking yourself over the one you let get away?  That's why I hate auctions.  Worried about overspending - which I always do, and then not riding the wave to the end.  We'll here's the one that got away.  Only $60.00!  and there were 3 of them!

These old free standing high school lockers would have been Awesome redone!

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