Saturday, May 16, 2009

Retro Rachel Ray Orange Enamel Cookware & Vintage Orange Bowls

Today I'm thinking Rachel Ray Orange Enamel Cookware, to go along with these Vintage Orange Enamel Bowls.
Can't really judge by the computer colors, they look kind of off color here online.  But I think they might work.  I'll have to go take a look at the cookware set just to be sure.
Love it when I'm out junking and I get back and see that I've actually been working on a theme and didn't even know it!  Like this cute little Folk Art Bird

He just plays against those Enamel Orange Bowls like he was destined to be with them. 
Even the old Kellogg's tin has just enough orange to tie in with bowls and the Bear is almost the same color as the bird!  Some days just flow like that

Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Cat Rescue

Let's do something different today?  Let's go to that Big Cat Rescue up past Monticello.
I didn't even know there was such a place here in Indiana, till I picked up some brochures while I was in Monticello one day, and found a flyer for them.  I was pretty excited, I haven't even been to a zoo in many years and Love animals.  So off we went.  It's was a pleasant drive, only about an hour or so long.  All I had was an address and Stan's knowledge of the lay of the land.  As we approach their location we actually drove right by.  No Big Sign, like the graphic above - No it look more like a someones junky house with a bunch of crap strewed all over the place, and a bunch of junky barns and tin roofs.  Before this point I'm still thinking zoo.  You'll understand as I go on.  So we turn around and go back.  Looks like one other family is there.  And a few grubby looking guys.  I'm still thinking zoo!  Nice clean uniforms.  We pay $15.00 for the two of us to tour - or at least that's what I thought.  $15.00 to tour This??  A very nice young man took us back to where the tour guide was located, along the way we started to catch glimpses of these monster kitty's being kept in not Zoo like conditions.  I'm wondering to my self why does this place look so rundown?  I was about to find out the real truth behind the Big Cat Rescue of Indiana, and other rescue shelters around the states.
These big Kitty's are Very well Cared for and Well Loved!

Great Cats of Indiana, is a Privately Owned facility that functions as a rescue sanctuary for large cats and other carnivores that are displaced due to neglect,  abandonment, or abuse.  They even take these precious animals from zoo's who no longer want them, have closed down, or have been shut down.  They receive NO State Funding - this gentleman provides for these animals through his own means and through the Gracious Donations provided by supporters, caregivers and volunteers.  Some is through monetary donations, others like farmers bring livestock, and some volunteer their time to help with the never ending various chores.  They don't have enough help and they don't have enough money, they struggle each and every day to properly care and provide for these large cats day in and day out, 24-7 - and the do an OutStanding Job!

After being there just a few minutes and learning a just a bit about all the care & maintenance that goes into providing for these great cats if felt ashamed by my initial judgmental thoughts that were based solely on appearance.  I can't even fathom how much money it takes this man to care for all these lions, tigers & bears - Oh my!...

If you have one of these great cat facilities in your area stop by and support them with a visit, send a donation or go out an lend a helping hand.  If you're out junking and you see any old bathtubs, large troughs or tubs they can always use more.  Besides holding water the animals like to play with them!  If you're a hunter, give them a call they may be able to use any game your not going to keep.  If you're a farmer and you have leftover, well anything from fencing to boards to livestock they may have a need - just give them a call.

These large animal care facilities deserve our gratitude for providing a sanctuary for our societies discarded animals.

Did I mention that they like to play in them?

Funny part about our visit - As we were going to all the lion and tiger cages everyone was very careful not lean or get near the cages.  Everyone kept a good distance away.  As soon as we got to the bears, you should have seen how elbow rested up on the railings and people leaning over!  Yes they are a bit more animated, but their claws and their teeth are just as big!

Hope you enjoyed the Big Cats, and that you get a chance to visit one near you!

Ciao for now!

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