Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something Strange

Just had to let you know what we discovered.  I was looking at the picture of the vintage 1920's marriage certificate and I noted that it had color in it!  Light yellow-gold, hint of blue and pink.  So I went over to the original, and sure enough - it's just black and white!  Stan said the camera must have picked up some of the old original color - how cool is that?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just an Ole Vintage Junkyard Gypsy at heart

I’ve always loved antiques and vintage items. I use to collect – hats, compacts, bottles and what ever struck my fancy. So it really surprised my mother 10 years ago I stopped collecting and started getting rid of those precious items. I was on to something new – going more modern, clean lines, less clutter - means less work right? But I discovered after a few junking trips with my Junkyard Gypsy Aunt Di and her daughter Tami, that I really have a passion for everything vintage. I really missed having all those wonderful old, quaint, memory driven "ART"ifacts surrounding and brightening my days! Plus I actually get a rush when I find some new forgotten treasure, or some forlorn item that needs my creative attention. I’ve always had the ability to look at something and see more. Kind of like our 1940’ home that we’re in the middle of remodeling. So you’ll definitely be seeing clips of that from time to time. TIME being the essence! By the way I did keep a few antiques from my collecting days. Only because they were from my grandparents and they meant something. Like this beautiful Sessions Antique Vintage Mantel Clock from my Grandfather.

Now what I really wanted from my Grandparents estate was my Grandmother's mantel clock. That beautiful, ostentatious, Pink Gilded Victorian Ceramic Clock that always jumped out at my eyes the minute I walked through the doors.

Looked similar to this one I found on Ebay, only it was bigger, shiny, and more Fuchsia Pink!

I didn't get that one. I let it go, the price was going a bit rich for my blood in those days. My mother scolded me the minute it sold and said you should have taken it, no matter. So that's how I ended up with the Session. I decided that I wasn't going to let an antique dealer have it, no matter what it cost!

Of course we kept other memorabilia like Stan's great grandfathers marriage certificate.

I just love all intricate details.

I think we may have another one of these, that belonged to an uncle. They do not have any relatives to pass it on to, so I was wondering if anyone has any creative ideas?

Well Ciao for now Caravan Cruiser! I'm really looking forward to being on here

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