Saturday, July 18, 2009

Froggy went a courting and he did ride - Umhum!

Ha, Ha, I love my new froggies!  What kind of cool things can we do with these?  Originally shower curtain hooks, but I'm thinking they should be cut loose from their noose and glued to something!  A vase, a hat or picnic basket.  Other cool card finds from the day's excursion, was the Golden Shred & Golly Picnic series postcard from the Robert Opie Collection in Glouccester.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tarnished Silver, Useless Silver - Don't think so!

Some of these are going to get a face lift before take off.

The monogramed letter B is done in a brushed aluminum and looks great and I'll probably Tarnex the cake server set, but the grater and gravy boat are getting painted!  I was originally thinking cottage pinks, blues, and yellows...but now I'm think Black with some artsy white motif...humm, guess we'll see what strikes me tomorrow.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The secret for what to do with doilies or Crafting with doilies

Yes, I have discovered the secret for what to do with doilies.  You too can now make your self a tiara out of these lovely heirlooms.  Watch this is going to become the new wedding rage. jk
I was sorting through the scrapbook clipping of Stan's great grandmother, where she posted all the deaths, returns and marriages of those who lived in Tippecanoe County during WWII, before we took it down to the historical society for the genealogy department.  So if you're missing some info or looking for newspaper clipping from that era with photos and such they just got some new stuff.  When I ran across this...
Yes, Yes it is, a true doily tiara!
I really think one of you should get some Stiffy Fabric Stiffener and make a couple of them.  See if they take off, could just be the hottest new look in tiara wear.  Hey, side feathers and birdcages are back! 
Who would have thunk?
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