Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doing Sushi 70's Style in a Rad Retro Red Sweater Coat

While out antiquing in St. Joesph, Michigan with my best girlfriend we stopped in at Elephants Breath.  Good thing it started raining while we were in there, because we couldn't stop gushing at all our Awesome finds.  Like this Red Sweater Coat from the 70's.
A rad, retro find for sure!
Red Sweater Coat
And what better to place to wear it than out out for a night of sushi at Kona Jack's Fish Market and Sushi Bar for the best sushi combo of  tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, octopus and eel.  Followed by some more eel, yellowtail & beef tataki.  Drooling while I write this.  "Sushi Every Day" < should be a song!
Kona Jack's Sushi
Love all this yummy goodness.  Reminds me of Stan's kid's making sushi dinner for us.
Making Sushi at Home
What a treat that was!
I so want to have a sushi party, and have each guest make their our own sushi roll to share.  Think I'm going to look over PunchBowl's site for idea's on how to host a sushi party.
Back to the red sweater dress coat.  It came with a matching red knit belt, but I thought it looked better with these rad 70's belts.
Alligator Belt
 The Alligator belt was the choice for the evening.
Arron's Breastplate
Then again I kind of like the Jeweled Urim/Thummin aspect of the Aaron Breastplate.

Which one do you like best?

Ciao! JunkYardGypsyStyle
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tweed Poncho Villa Goes Out to Lafayette Eatery

Threw on my vintage poncho & headed out to have a lovely lunch with my friend at the Buttery Shelf Eatery.
Vintage tweed poncho
Beautiful day to wear my vintage tweed poncho
This quaint Victorian home, dressed in colonial decor, sits at the corner of 10th & Main street in Lafayette, Indiana.  The tables are all dressed with pewter plates, goblets & pitchers.
Buttery Eatery Lafayette IN.
Buttery Eatery Lafayette IN.
Loved the small intimate rooms, but it was so quiet, too quiet in fact.
They really could use some soft music playing in the background.  And as cute as those pewter goblets are you'll be hard pressed to get more than two sips out of them.  So make sure you've beefed up on your arm curls for lifting that pewter pitcher.
Roast Beef
We both ordered the pot roast special and it was delicious, but they served it with instant mashed potatoes.  Wait staff was very nice, but service was surprisingly slow.  Especially since we ordered a special that was already prepared.  No one checked back till we were 3/4th's of way through with the meal, even though they weren't that busy.  When we got ready to pay our bill they didn't have any change, so they told us we could have it for free.  Really?  No Really!  What else can you do when you open up business with out a bank?  But we had enough ones to get them started.  It's all for a good cause, because they always give a portion of their proceeds to some charity work in town.  Plus their prices are awesome, only $12 for two people.  You can't even eat at McDonald's for that price!  Buttery Eatery is only open from 11 to 2 on Sat & 2 other days during the week.
JunkYard Gypsy Style
 Bit of JunkYard Gypsy Style to match up with my Vintage Tweed Poncho


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Friday, September 28, 2012

Picking & Junking ~ A BeeHive Teapot / Tea Kettle Is it a Rare Antique?

I've been sitting (well, Not literally) on this
Beehive teapot or Tea Kettle if you so choose,
Beehive Teapot
since my trip to Davenport, Iowa.  When we went to go see the "American Pickers"(Antique Archaeology)
 from the History Channel.
History Channel American Pickers
Whom, we didn't get to see :( 
 Mind you Mike, Frank & Danielle were all in town that weekend, but they're such big Celebrity's now,
that you only get to see them at paid events or perhaps if they are Picking at your door.
antique archaeology Leclaire, Iowa
If they are picking at your door, YOU have a Serious Junking Problem!  Just like We Do, since that's why we picked Davenport, Iowa for a mini vacation.  And guess what we did while we were there?  Yep, we went Junking!

Riverboat Gambling
OK, so we went River Boat Gambling Too!
Lost our butts, but whatever, we had fun.

Of course I found (just by chance mind you) a town wide sale just over the bridge in Milan, IL.  I know it just sounds wrong, doesn't it - especially being from Indiana.  What's even worse is I found an auction house that was having a sale that night, that we went back to later that evening.  Yes, Saturday night, on our vacation & we're spending it at an auction house.   What's really bad is we got like this VIP treatment.  I didn't find this out till much later, because the rest of the gang had already signed in & I'm by nature such a lollygagger.  So I'm signing in, like 30 minutes later than everyone else & they ask me if  I'm with the Indiana Tour Group?  Which I say No, not knowing what that is or who they are & thinking it's Ironic that there is a group of people from Indiana that are here in this small little town on a Saturday night to attend this quaint, but podunk Auction.  So after checking in the one of auctioneers, stops me as I'm leaving.  Mind you he's kind of cute, and said "Hey, I hear you're from Valpo.  I'm from Valpo too!  And you know the Birkey's (family name)."  Yep, lived next door & around several of them.  They're like a plague up here in the region.  Not a bad thing, love em dearly, but just saying, you can't grow up in Porter County without knowing a Birkey or two or at least hearing about them.  Now Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused is rushing into my head; how the heck does he know all this? So I locate the  family, and find out that our whole life history has been has been shared with the auctioneers & we're all blood brothers now.  Good thing cause, cousin Tom is spending like BIG Time & doesn't hurt to be noticed.  Did I mention I was out with professionals?  Tom ate up ALL the jewelry, like gosh, $400 worth?  I don't know, but he got just about all of it.   Let's just say it took him several trips to the car to carry it all out.

My partner in crime, whom I sat next too all night was this lady from Davenport, Iowa who said she does a lot of shows (guessing fairs) in Chicago.  We kept bidding on the same items.  Meaning I was driving up her price.  Bless her heart, she bought me several items to take home with me. "Oh here, you just take this girlfriend, I didn't want this part of it anyway"  Saw her & her hubby loading up many items that they had won that night.  Heck, she even had me go check up on him at one point, to make sure he was doing their business right :0

So anyway I snagged this antique, guess I should say vintage, BeeHive Teapot or Tea Kettle.
BeeHive Tea Kettle
I think it's from the 1950's, but I'm not quite sure.  From my research, I think It might be a McKee.  It has a BakeLite knob. The ribbed glass handle & body is marked from a 4 cup to a 10 cup level. The bottom is very cool all dimpled for heat transference & marked USA GlasBake 104 on the bottom.
BeeHive Tea Kettle

I did a Google image search for a BeeHive Teapot & I'm not seeing a thing, but then again with them trying to cut out the small independent business owners, I'm not surprised.
So I'm hoping someone see's this, and has some more information that they can swing my way.  I think it's just adorable.  I use to sell Princess House & they had a glass teapot with an infuser - which everyone thought was so cool.  Just a new take on an old idea.  Soon this old tea kettle / tea pot is going to find a new home, since I don't drink tea.  But feel free to grab yourself a cup and check out the related articles on teapots, and If you have any information on this quirky old pot or if you just like old teapots, please leave a comment, & I'll join you with a cup of Java.

Ciao Caravan Cruisers!

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