Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tweed Poncho Villa Goes Out to Lafayette Eatery

Threw on my vintage poncho & headed out to have a lovely lunch with my friend at the Buttery Shelf Eatery.
Vintage tweed poncho
Beautiful day to wear my vintage tweed poncho
This quaint Victorian home, dressed in colonial decor, sits at the corner of 10th & Main street in Lafayette, Indiana.  The tables are all dressed with pewter plates, goblets & pitchers.
Buttery Eatery Lafayette IN.
Buttery Eatery Lafayette IN.
Loved the small intimate rooms, but it was so quiet, too quiet in fact.
They really could use some soft music playing in the background.  And as cute as those pewter goblets are you'll be hard pressed to get more than two sips out of them.  So make sure you've beefed up on your arm curls for lifting that pewter pitcher.
Roast Beef
We both ordered the pot roast special and it was delicious, but they served it with instant mashed potatoes.  Wait staff was very nice, but service was surprisingly slow.  Especially since we ordered a special that was already prepared.  No one checked back till we were 3/4th's of way through with the meal, even though they weren't that busy.  When we got ready to pay our bill they didn't have any change, so they told us we could have it for free.  Really?  No Really!  What else can you do when you open up business with out a bank?  But we had enough ones to get them started.  It's all for a good cause, because they always give a portion of their proceeds to some charity work in town.  Plus their prices are awesome, only $12 for two people.  You can't even eat at McDonald's for that price!  Buttery Eatery is only open from 11 to 2 on Sat & 2 other days during the week.
JunkYard Gypsy Style
 Bit of JunkYard Gypsy Style to match up with my Vintage Tweed Poncho


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