Thursday, August 13, 2009

World's Longest Yardsale - 127 Corridor Sale

I've been trying to work on getting up the video - It's just not going to happen   The download with the audio to clip has just been Way too difficult to work with and I'm just not going to mess with any longer.  Sucks, cause we had some funny stuff going on.  Like when I kept asking "Are we there yet?" and Stan would reply "A Conestoga Wagon would be laughing at us!"  Or "How far is Greenville?"  50 miles, and at this rate we'll be there in 25 days.  And my Fav ~ "Oh look exercise equipment!"  We seriously had WAY too much FUN!  Stop and Go all the way!  Everyone was having a garage sale.  And this Goes all the way to Alabama!  Lordy be, I can't imagine.  There's seriously NO Way to get very far on this trip.  Next year we're taking a van with a trailer!  Speaking of trailers I talked with a guy from PA. who only had one measly motorcycle on it.  I said that's just wrong...could I rent some space?  He gave me that dazed husband look, and said "Oh, I so promise you my wife will have this filled before we get back to PA!"~Dratz!  Guess I'm not getting this dresser then...
Of course I consider this a project to refurb~cause it's like ugly as is~but it's got great Curves!
I like Curves!
I also saw another dresser at one of the Amish garage sales and my eyes just lit up.  The price just rocked and Stan looked at me "We are so Not strapping that to the roof of the car - just forget it!"
I sometimes forget that his mind reading ability is as good as mine!
Another one of those pass byes, cause Stan said we already have 2, and this ones too big.  Don't go in your car... seriously take a van, truck, Uhaul, Semi!  You're going to need it and you'll be kicking your self all the way home.

We actually didn't even get out of Indiana before I made my first stop in Rossville at a little antique store named Back Through Time Antique Mall.  Met the owner Michelle Stewart pictured above, she was a real sweetheart!  I'm sure I'll be back in the winter Michelle!

Our 1st stop in Celina Ohio, was at an antique dealers spot on the 127 corridor "THOSE GIRLS",  which which allowed other vendors to set up on her property.  Really cute store!  Julie and her sister ~Nice Gals!  Picked up some hammered aluminum for my collection, and a really cool feathered hat that we'll probably put in a up coming collection.  Think she likes hats as much as I use to before I sold my collection!~
If I can find pictures from one of parties where they played pass the KJ's hat collection, I'm going to post it, embarrassment and All, sorry folks.
This is a Packard Bell Key Chain, paid an outrageous price for this.  No kind sir there are NO skeleton keys attached to it.
And I leave you tonight with my Coolest Fab Find
the vintage Pinky Green Chippy Steel Cooler!
oops!  I haven't photographed it yet!  sorry, guess you'll have to come to auction and take a peek.
So if you're up for a Junking Adventure, I highly recommend the Worlds Longest Yard Sale!
Perhaps we'll see you there next year!

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