Friday, May 20, 2011

Antiques & Vintage Treasures JunkYard Gypsy Style

Up bright & early this weekend to do a little
treasure hunting.
This is just a small sampling of what I scored.

I consider this early 1900's child's artist easel
a touchdown!  The upper portion use to hold a roll of paper to doodle on, of which the writing section is about 3 inches in height (not much doodling room).  The desk section folds up and becomes a blackboard.  Very sturdy, very cute.
That's my new lamp I scored at auction, that hubby had to go home and collect the truck for since I had already filled up the car.  Hubby says - Note to self - "Do not leave wife at auction all by herself to retrieve truck, because she will have filled up the truck by the time you get back"!
 Note to hubby - don't be raining on my
happy dance auction winnings.
Had to have this metal lamp for the cool beanie helmet - but when I got it home I found out it's way cooler than I thought because it's an adjustable tilt!
I painted the last one red.  Any suggestions on what color to paint this one?  Oh, and my free standing birdcage which needs a redo as well.  Perplexed on what color to paint that as well.
Springed rocking horse has paint wear, but it's in excellent condition for it's age. Fisher Price musical Farris Wheel with the little people guy still churning out tunes!  Some retro bowed-tined mirror in need of a paint job.  Blinky eye doll (can't resist them) in the Box!  With her full wedding garb.

I'm going to use the old antique clock case to create some shadow box art.  Obviously something about time - think I'll save that for a winter project.

Found Bert & Ernie's Sesame Street house set at an unadvertised yard sale.  I love unadvertised sales, I swear they have the best stuff.  Just an ole (I use that lovingly - cause I resemble that remark) hippie couple down the street (he looked like a Prof from Purdue - braided beard - loved it) unloading their shed cause it seem like a good day to let go of some stuff.   I spent over $30.00 just at their sale.
I probably could have spent the day with them & kept buying because she kept dragging out more stuff.  I think I thought I was in heaven.  So anyway I picked up the Fisher Price Choo Choo, tin toy top, and the 1950's puzzle and MADE myself leave the premises.  I'm so tempted to go back, knock on their door and do the Picker TV thing.
I'll let you know if get that brave.

So take that pile and quadruple it and those my finds from the last 3 weekends.  I have a lot of listing to do!  Now if I could only teach hubby new tricks- 
sit, stay, list.

Ciao!  My gypsy caravan friends ~
May your Junking endeavors lead you to Fab finds!

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