Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kentucky Derby Day Vintage Hat Pins

Today was actually our 1st weekend out Junking this year!
Yeah, a little late, but last week we had our own sale.  Trying to move out our own stash from last year.  What a chore!  Full week of shuffling...urgh!

So It's the first of May and even though it ended up as a rain day, it was an awesome day because we ended up at Jim Mailloux sale.  They use to have this shop call the Flower Mill.  And as with all us out of biz retailers, we still have our inventory... and boy do they have the have some neat antiques!  I had heard about their private sales for years but had never been to one.  The timing couldn't have been better, as they had the exact items I was looking for... and I didn't even know it until Stan took one of my items and said "Hey wouldn't this work?"  Oh Yeah, Darling!  Gosh darn it, I knew I kept him around for a reason.

Think Jim got a big kick out of him sitting in their basement guarding my stash from absolutely no one. ~ lol  ~ but Jim did reassure him that they already had a cat fight earlier that day.  So we're thinking he sympathized, I mean understood.

So what was my awesome find?  Oh you already know...Vintage Hat Pins on Kentucky Derby Day!  Hooray, Hooray for the First of May!

What started out as 6, blossomed into 24!  But their so cool Darling!  Pretty Please?!  Remember it was your Awesome Idea...~Lol

Kentucky Derby ~ Beltane ~ May Day ~ Mint Julep Drinks

Kentucky Derby Beltane May Day Mint Julep Drinks

Hooray, Hooray for the First of May, Outdoor Fun Begins Today!

Ok, so it was a little drizzly, but not a torrential downpour, and our blind draws didn't win, and we don't drink whiskey, but it was still a great day to pull out the derby glasses and toast to Calvin Borel's 3rd Kentucky Derby Win!

Plus I scored some great vintage hat pins from New Zealand.  Thought it appropo, being Kentucky Derby day ~ hats and all things May day.
Oh, and fresh Indiana mint from my friends garden!


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