Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage McCall’s Red Valentines Day Dress

I’d so wear this red off shoulder shirt trench coat dress pictured on the front of this 1956 McCall’s magazine out for dinner on Valentines Day.  I’d even wear the black gloves just so I could peal them off.  Non-verbal dinner conversation. 

So I thought I'd try to see if I could actually find this dress.

Solas at Go Antiques was as close to a match that I could find. It had the wide off the shoulder cut.  Although I prefer the crisp notched point collar instead of the rounded, this has the long sleeves as well being totally red.  Add a funky, bold belt and you’re ready to go. 
More of a shirt dress, NikkiFaith at Etsy has this red with black polka dot dress for a more casual look. 
Picked this one from Sydney’s Vintage Clothing for the off shoulder look.  Throw that huge flower in your craft box (PLEASE), an add a belt, and you’ll have a knockout dress.
You can even still wear the gloves! 
Even though this magazine is a November issue it just reminded me of Febuary, guess the Betsy McCall paper doll cutouts reminded me of the punch out, Valentine Day cards. Use to love having grandma hunt up her McCall magazine and cut out some new clothes for Betsy!
Did you have a Betsy McCall paper doll growing up?

Hope you have good luck finding something fun to wear for Valentines Day!

You can look at more pages from inside the magazine at:
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