Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Yellow... Vintage Sewing Box 1920's Look

Weather was great this weekend, not too windy and not too hot,
so I got out the spray paint and gave this Vintage Sewing Box some desperately needed TLC.
 It was really beat up and needed saving

I wanted to restore it to it's 1920's heritage with a bit of a pop.  The pansies keep it period appropriate and the Yellow just sings summer!

Except for few character nicks it looks like a brand new piece.
Have a great week,
I'm off to the Lake to finish up the summer.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Calling all Birds ~ White Wooden Vintage BirdCage Get's a New Look

This vintage birdcage was actually an old worn, brown drab color, when I found it.  So I gave it multiple coats 
(darn little dowel rods) of white paint.
So I was thinking little girls room or shabby chic kind of decor, something delicate.  Out comes the pinks!
 Had this great old vintage rosebud wallpaper
that I've been dying to use and it worked perfect for lining the bottom of the birdcage. 
  And, Oh look, a ounce of those 5lbs of vintage buttons might come in handy - and I used a whole whopping 3 of them!  Two for the handles & one for the center of the flower.
Tore apart a raggedy vintage dollie to get to those awesome rose florals an leaf pieces to cover that awkward circle up on the arch. Trimmed out the arch and the levels in pink bias tape and pearls.
  And wa-la goodbye ugly old bird cage!

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