Monday, August 15, 2011

Praying Mantis Hitches Ride on Steamer Trunk

Wasn't planning on going out junking on National Garage Sale Day, but that's what happens when you have a hot fudge sundae for breakfast.  I couldn't resist all the signs.  Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind, telling me I might miss a potential a treasure if I don't follow the arrow at the next neon cardboard 8 to 5 sign!  So I succumbed, much like I did to the hot fudge sundae, and I made the right hand turn off the main drag into garage sale heaven.  I wasn't really in the mood to buy anything, but this fabulous older gentleman talked Himself down from the original asking price of $80 to $25.00 & I came home with this Huge steamer trunk, 5 large Ball canning jars, 3 small ball canning jars, all with glass lids & bailing wire to clamp over the top - plus an insulator!  After he talked me into buying this monster steamer trunk, of which I have absolutely no use for, nor do I know how I would ever ship it (probably put it up on Craigslist), 
I now have to get it home.
So I go home to get the pickup truck.   Well once he saw I had a truck, I ended up carting out three end tables & two bird cages all for a mere $10.  Either he is an excellent salesman or I have developed a serious junking problem.  Or more likely I'm just a sucker for sweet old guy who's begging me to take the crap so he doesn't have to move it all back into his house.  Back home we start to unload our treasure & I see that someone has hitched a ride to our house.
Someone being a Cute Baby Praying Mantis!
Awe, look at those eyes.
Such a tiny nymph, I'm glad I spotted her & she didn't get crushed in the move.  If she's lucky perhaps she'll find mate around here.  Then she can bite his head off.  Ferocious little insects.  Wouldn't want to meet her on a dark leaf.



  1. She is is beautiful...I always like to look up the spiritual message when a creature blesses me with a I looked this up for you :)

    Praying Mantis Meanings in the Realms of Animal Symbolism

    The mantis comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives. Usually the mantis makes an appearance when we've flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear the still small voice within us because of the external din we've created.

    After observing this creature for any length of time you can see why the symbolism of the praying mantis deals with stillness and patience. The mantis takes her time, and lives her life at her own silent pace.

    A quick-list of praying mantis symbolism:


    These traits have lead the mantis to be a symbol of meditation and contemplation. In fact, in China, the mantis has long been honored for her mindful movements.

    The mantis never makes a move unless she is 100% positive it is the right thing for her to do. This is a message to us to contemplate and be sure our minds and souls all agree together about the choices we are making in our lives.

    Overwhelmingly in most cultures the mantis is a symbol of stillness. As such, she is an ambassador from the animal kingdom giving testimony to the benefits of meditation, and calming our minds.

    An appearance from the mantis is a message to be still, go within, meditate, get quite and reach a place of calm. It may also a sign for you to be more mindful of the choices you are making and confirm that these choices are congruent.

    from this page :

    love your blog...and I need to be reminded about stillness too...which is maybe why your post caught my eye on twitter :)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, what a beautiful enhancement to my blog post. I love to look at symbolism as well. What a blessing, Thank you so much - Your timing & the mantis is spot on :)

  3. hi! new fan! luv this blog! following you on FB and Twitter too! always remember my dad talking about the praying mantis. when we saw one, we knew we would have good luck!

  4. lol I have one of those critters in my garden. Nice trunk!

  5. Oh my goodness!Lots of overall tresures. I am shouting at my daughter......JULIIIIAAAAA...COME SEE THIIIS MANTIS..............


  6. Now that is a surprise.

    When it is warm and the kids and I play hide and seek in the backyard, we see these big critters regularly. It is a bit unnerving to be hiding in our tall grass and see an adult mantis turn his head and look at you with those pinchers at the ready.


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