Sunday, October 3, 2010

Double Aulos Flute Antique Picture Music History Lesson

One would think that living with a Music Theorist would very interesting.  I suppose if your a music theorist as well, then that statement would be true.  However I’m not and It’s not very interesting.  I normally shake my head along with a glazed over look, as he explains why the 5th harmonic of undulating vibration doesn’t calibrate well leading into the 4th octave or something like that.  Really takes all the fun out mindlessly bopping around to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.   Not that he would ever listen to such mundane non-polysyllabic nonsense.  However I have found a use for him, my husband that is, besides cooking dinner and washing the dishes (I know, Eat your heart out Ladies) he’s excellent at spotting and identifying weird old instruments.  Like the ancient Double Aulos (I always just called it a Pan flute, from the Greek mythical goat-man creature) reed instrument used by the Greeks and Romans, that he spotted in this old antique picture we ran across at a garage sale this weekend. 
Later when I asked a bit more about the instrument he went upstairs and came back with the Concise History of Music book and laid it on my desk, and said “Read this”.  Yeah right, like that’s going to happen, I would like to, but then again not really, because then he would actually expect me to talk to him about music theory and that would just mean I’d have to read more books!  Then he would want me to take piano lesson, learn how to Actually sing and join the choir.  Truly, it would be just one big ugly mess.  Think I’ll stick with junking and Hopefully let him impart his musical knowledge Only as Needed.

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  1. Double Aulos... I have to find a way to work that into a converstation and impress my husband. ;) My husband also does dishes, but good luck getting him to cook. That could get scary!

  2. Double Aulos. Pan flutes look different. I say keep on junking!

  3. Random Question, do you know where i could buy a double aulos?


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