Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Painting of Our Bridal Shop by Sandy Daniel Lafayette Artist

Came home this Sunday and opened an email from Eric & Andria with this photo attached, saying "We would have loved to buy this for you, but it was a bit too much for us to swing".

I was tired, the picture was tiny - I could tell it was a picture of a bridal store window - and I thought how sweet of them to think of me, so I downloaded it to a file to view later.

 I opened the file today to take another look, and much to my amazement it's an actual painting of Our Bridal Store!  707 on the awning, tree growing out of the pavement, my actual prom dresses in the window!

We had always received such nice complements about our window displays and how regular passerby's looked forward to the next display, but for Sandy Daniel to take the time to actually paint our window was really touching!  So Thank You Sandy, it really made us smile!  And thank you kids for thinking of us and sending us the picture!

Our daughter in law Andria is an artist as well, and had her 2nd showing at Art on the Wabash, Art Fair
Sunday September 19th.  I put together a collage of some of My favorite pieces.  Sorry we couldn't be there this year.

 If you like Sandy Daniels work you contact her through Artist's Own Gallery in Lafayette, Indiana

If you'd like more information about Andria's work just DM me and I'll hook you up!

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