Monday, September 13, 2010

Forget Fall & Swing Into Spring ~ Handcraft Shoes Muk Luk

Shoes, Shoes & more Shoes, Swing Into Spring
with this adorable 1967 calendar.
Couldn't pass by this retro shoe collection, so I brought it home, bling'ed it up at bit, an added a dowel rod so it could return to it's original wall hanging status.
After with it's new shoe jewelry
Shoe designers listed on this 1960's Swing Into Spring calendar are Shelets, Muk Luk and some other designer that I can't make out - "Sun" something.  Obviously these Muk Luk's are not the 1972 slipper socks that are on the market today.  Wonder if they are somehow related?

You can see close ups at my Etsy & Bonanzle sites.

Hope everyone scored big this weekend on their End of Summer Sale Finds!


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