Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ww1 Army Jacket find in Battle Ground, Indiana

Fall finally fell here in Indiana.  Very cool this weekend.  Spent a nice Indian summer day at the Tippecanoe Battle Ground Memorial Field, in Battle Ground Indiana, catching up on Military History.  Prompted by an awesome WW1 jacket find, along with helmet, campaign hat & Swiss Army bag!
I opted for the lawn, but Stan hates sitting on the ground so he found a shady spot up by the monument.  Yes, I made him put the helmet on, bless his heart.  He said it was very heavy.
 I love this shot of the WW1 helmet.   Looks so serene.
These WW1 helmets are very rare because they were discontinued at the beginning of WW2.  A more effective helmet was designed to to cover the back of the head and the flare that you see on this helmet was eliminated since they were no longer concerned about saber & bayonet strikes.

Some moth family fed about 4 generations off this one WW1 jacket, so it's pretty much useless, but the 84th Infantry Division (Lincoln Division) insignia (8/1917 – 11/1921) its the patch with the red bladed axe on white disc inside red ring with ‘Lincoln’ and ‘84’ spelled out, as well as the rare private first class chevron are in great condition.
WW1 was remembered by only one campaign medal in the US and it's on this jacket!  Ribbon is in good shape too.  Often times you'll find these medals with replacement ribbons attached - not the Original.
Haven't decided if I'll just put the army jacket in the store, or if I'll put it up for auction, but Ill try to decide before the end of the week.
If you like reading about campaign strategies and Military History this magazine has plethora of stories to keep you entertained.  Stan can't keep his nose out of them long enough to get the yard mowed.  Hint, hint.

Oh and by the way, Yes I do know it's Labor Day and Not Memorial Day.


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