Monday, November 15, 2010

Dr. Lori Appraised Our Picture Frame at Indianapolis Holiday Show

Watching Dr. Lori appraise antiques at the Indianapolis Holiday & Gift Show, was way better than the Antique Roadshow.  Not only is she crazy smart, but crazy funny, or maybe she's just crazy.  Either way her shows were very informative and entertaining.  She appraises all the items brought to her in front of the whole audience, so everyone has a chance to learn about the different pieces.
Dr. Lori Appraising a CooCoo Clock

I brought my antique picture frame to see what I could learn.

Dr. Lori appraising my Antique Picture Frame
The frame dated somewhere between 1905 -1915.
A wood/compo (composition material made of chalk and resins to make the molded ornamentation) frame with a very famous print that unfortunately has mildewed because of the back being enclosed by wood.  Frame value $160.00, if print had not mildewed $2000.00.

Considering that I purchased for $20.00 I'll take that as a win.
Of course not everyone is a winner, but there were some exciting discoveries.  Like this lady being photographed with her $10,000 dollar Baleen basket made by the Haida Indians.  Some trinket she picked up on vacation in Alaska years ago.
They may call it the Antique Appraisal Comedy Show,
but it's also a mini history lesson.

Dr. Lori also does online appraisals by photograph.  She's not a buyer or seller, so there's no conflict of interest.  However she can be bribed with chocolate.  You can visit her website at
If you are closing out an estate, she also does in home appraisals starting at $500.00 an hour.  Kind of pricey, but if you have a Baleen basket hiding in the closet, it would so be worth it.

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