Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back Home Again in Indiana

I’m Back!...........
Yep that’s me riding that Chippy Vintage Pink Elephant – go figure – I couldn’t resist!

It’s Good to be home, but I’m still floating like I could ride that pink elephant all day.  I so needed that break.  And I think it will be healthy for me to feel like this - ‘Whole Summer' Truly IS a Vacation! 

I love writing and blogging here, but I realized, as I sat down to tell about my VaCa that I’m probably not as good as some.  I don’t take a lot of pictures – I’m too busy laughing and yakking it up to remember to snap photos or run a video camera.  I did however manage to capture Aunt Di on video after 4 drinks.  It’s pretty darn funny.  I’m still debating on if my life worth posting it – lol

I also didn’t want to bore everyone with the blah, blah of all the details and stupid shots.  So I’ll try my best not to be too boring.  I’ve put some pic’s into collages so that it doesn’t drag on too much.  And although we did Junk up and back, I don’t have one shot of any of that.  I’m lucky I caught what I did!  I’m also lucky that they actually let me photograph them.

I told you we were going to stay at that old retro motel well I absolutely adored their sign.
Is that not 30’s perfection?

I didn’t photo the inside because it was nothing special to write home about.  Mom wanted her own bed so we ordered a roll away for me.  Now I was a bit leery of this thing, expecting musty ghosts from 30 years ago and today wasn’t going to be a good night for me!  But it smelled so fresh and clean like they had taken the upmost care with this bed.  I was so impressed.  And Comfy too!

Our first stop in the Dells was to the Lost Canyon.  We were very well behaved as we walked up to purchase our tickets.  Quiet, no giggling, when our tour guide for the ride walked up, took one look at us and said “Oh no, there’s trouble!”  And my mother the consummate comedian, who kept trying to one up the funny, hysterical tour guide – said “Gosh how did you know!”  She made sure to keep his keen observation intact through the whole trip.  I hope everyone else on the tour enjoyed our personal ride through the Lost Canyon with ‘Our’ personal tour guide.  Same thing happened in Mackinaw – you can’t take these girls anywhere!
Yes, that's primarily what we looked at, two horsey behinds, as we made our way through the canyon.  The other horses ___, oh I meant, our cool tour guide, is pictured too.  Don’t ask me his name I don’t remember.  Be sure to visit this place if you go to the Wisconsin Dells.  They are privately owned, and maintain this beautiful ravine so that you can enjoy it.  The city is trying to take it away so they can build condos and hotels, and people will no longer be able to enjoy it’s breathtaking view and history.

Of course we did a little shopping
Have no idea what’s so fascinating

And We ate, We ate some more ...  Ok, we ate A LOT
Yummm, chocolate!!!

Couldn't miss doing the Jet Boats with the 360 spins!  Diane shouldn’t have drunk the rest of her beer before we left.  No she didn’t pee her pants, but it was sounding like a good alternative the longer we were out there. (Boy she's starting to sound like a real lush and the poor girl doesn't even drink!)  This tour guide must have known they were the mouthy ones cause he put them right up front under the windshield, where they were Sure to get Wet!  
Make sure you go to Capt. Ron’s Jet Boats.  The are a bit further out, but well worth the drive (10mins).  They have a little bar with an outside covered patio, but wait that’s not all they also have a bar boat on the river!  They are also a family owned business.

We also did the classic Tommy Bartlett Water Ski Show
The other pictures are of other acts, like magicians, the crazy horn guy – he has a website – he kept telling us, but I’ve since forgotten.  And these crazy Russians who actually walk on the outside of this contraption as it spins around.  I think he likes to pretend to slip just to make you have a heart attack!  They were the best part of the show.  If you're not five you won't get ski show.  Actually you could go across the river to some restaurant - sit out on their deck and watch the whole thing for free! 

And of course when in
This say's Rome, of course you can't read it on here.  Kind of ruins the whole effect!
do as the Romans do
Doesn't it look like he wants to punch me?

And go to the Casino!  We went to the Ho-Chunk.  We didn’t stay long, cause they managed to take the Whole Chunk while we were there.

Trip was too long to cover in one post.  Next time Mackinaw!


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