Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Fraction Cards in the box from Chicago Somerset Co. 1903

Ok, one last post before I have to get organized around here.  Then I really do need to start packing and getting things straightened out before I leave.  I've always said sometimes it's almost not worth it (vacations) for the amount of work you have to do before you leave and the catching up you have to do when you get back!

So here are some treasures from last weekend.
I have a great project in mind for that AweSome Green Monogrammed hand towel.
Also,Unexpectedly found that the Oil lamp still had oil in it - that was a treat!  Thank goodness it didn't get on the hand towel
More great Rose Moss Chintz patterns on the Fingertip Oil Lamp, personal ashtrays and bell.  Check everything thoroughly, before you purchase.  As I was cleaning the ashtrays I discovered one was broken in two with a chip missing.  I searched the box and the floor and everywhere imaginable, so I know it had to have been that way when I purchased, but I didn't lift them all out to inspect each one.  So be it.  Live and learn!
This was another overlook on my part.  I was so taken with these colors and the design that I failed to note the fine line crazing on the top of the sugar bowl.  If you set it up eye level you'd never know, so it doesn't really make a difference.  I would have still gotten them anyway.  Just little things that you learn along the way.
This one is my Crazy Cool Fab Find.  These vintage fraction cards in/with the box.  Copyright is 1903 from Chicago.  Love Em!

Ok, you won't hear from me til Mid June, after I return from our JunkYard Gypsies Caravan Tour!

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