Monday, May 25, 2009

Junking at Antique Stores in Indiana

Today was road trip day.  Stan & I were heading north to visit family and decided to hit a few shops along the way to Valparaiso.  He knew of some really cool ones to go scope out.  Being a piano tuner he's been all over the state, but I think this knowledge stems from him being an old JunkYard dog.

At our 1st stop 
I spotted these two girls hanging out together.
Normally on the double rag doll both of the heads are made of material but this one had an actual doll head.  The one to the right was one of those story book dolls, where the story is printed out on the front of the bib.

Orange Tin Cake Pan
but this one's different - it's small, for an 8 inch cake.  Just a wee baby tin!  Be great for taking one of those small personalized cakes to a friend for her birthday.

Looked at this Fisher Price Cash Register
But they don't seem to be moving well, and this was a bit more beat up than some I've seen.  Some of these still have their coins!  I think they'd make a really neat addition for a 'Cool' kids boho room.

Here's a few more items I should have picked up.
Next Road Trip, If they're still there (doubt that) their Mine!

Me leaving with all my Treasures!
You'll have to wait to see what's inside.  Maybe for quite awhile.
I have to get home and pack for VaCa!!!

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