Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rhinelander Wisconsin - Home of the Hodag

Betcha don't know a Hodag - or maybe you do!  He's the scary guy in the picture, no not him, the green monster.  Contrived in 1893, he later became the mascot for Rhinelander Wisconsin.  They have a huge Hodag Country Music Festival there in July.  The beautiful dome is from the Rhinelander courthouse.  Just love Courthouses.  I always take pictures of them if I get the chance.  Oh, I  Almost forgot why we went up there.  To visit McNaughton Wisconsin and see where my grandfathers old cabin use to be.  It wouldn't have been a proper trip if we hadn't stopped at some of the watering holes while we there.  Not sure but I think we might have made the bartenders day.  Mom and Di had a blast visiting all the old place they vacationed at as little kids.  We even got to do some junking while we were there!  Di picked up a beautiful pair of Lefton wall Cherubs, you can check them out in her store if your interested.  

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