Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flower Press - Drying Flowers Naturally

So Spring is here, I can tell by all the rain.  Ah, Spring - It's like a good party that summer has to dry out.
So with all the fresh flower blooms dancing in the rain - I decided I need a flower press instead of using all of our heaviest books.  Because, as hubby reaches for "Mathematics - A Human Endeavor" and I tell him No, no you can't read that it has a flower drying between it and "The Illustrated Concordance of the Bible".  His look indeed mandated a flower press.  But come on - really, when was the last time he ever reached for that book!  Bigger question Why!
So he proceeds to gather some scrap wood and makes me a flower press.
Note it has a handle, so that I can carry it.
To where, I don't know.  Maybe just in case I need to press on the spot.  But it's kind of nice because I could hang it.  But scrap wood looking like that - who would?  Or Wood?
 So I thought I would photograph it and put it on FaceBook.  Just a quickie post - no big deal, right.
(Kind of looks like a tombstone for the flowers in front of it.) 
Till one of my twitter followers suggested that I should do a Blog post.  Well, now I can't very well show an UGLY flower press!  So I had to pretty it up.   (Men, they're always causing more work for me!)  Who knows maybe that's what hubby said when he was cutting the scrap board for me?  So I pulled out my vintage greeting cards and vintage wallpaper along with some other embellishments

and proceeded to plan my design.  Decided it would just be easier to wrap it like a package.  Chose the more subtle fleur de lis pattern to match the main vintage greeting card.
Did a little cutting and trimming; A Lot of gluing, and WaLa

A flower press in a pear blossom tree! 
 And in the grass
And in the living room.
  I kindly removed last falls remnants from between the books (some leaves and butterfly wings from a fatal car crash) to store them in a more Appropriate place. Thank you honey.   Tomorrow I tackle the Easter daffodils and the tulips

That should be interesting as I have to dissect them in order to press.  Thank goodness for my biology classes!
Any suggestions on how to make a one dimensional daffodil and tulip would be most appreciated!
Next up Lily of the Valley, Lilacs and most FAV... Peonies!

Enjoy the Rain!

JunkYard Gypsy

More fresh flower Info:  http://www.plantea.com/cutflowers.htm

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  1. While I'm lovin the decorations on the flower press I have a very, very, very (can I put lots more verrys?) big question for you.

    How did you get your husband to offer to make this for you? That's such a loving thing to do.


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