Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazingly Alive in Vintage Jewelry Polyvore JunkYard Gypsy Style

Amazingly Alive in Vintage
Amazingly Alive in Vintage featuring Amazing Gems by JUST SPARKLES at Bonanza

"My clothing sitting in a chair, Opera singing in the air, I wait to fill you"

Amazingly Alive in Vintage

I love looking at the Bonanza Showcases & Etsy Treasuries.  Some of the themes are very creative, but expression is limited to what their format allows.  If you want to Express a vision for your treasured pieces of vintage jewelry, vintage clothing, even your vintage collectibles, Polyvore is where you can make them come alive, by combining music, art & poetry to express your design.  You can take your amazing treasures and Fab finds and build a whole world around them.

I've actually known about Polyvore for over two years, but just rediscovered it last night, and thought what an amazing way to highlight some of my vintage clothing, vintage accessories, even my vintage collectibles
could find a life on Polyvore!

The exposure for your cherished items is phenomenal.
One set I was viewing averaged 400 hits a month!  Can you imagine what that could do for your sales?  Once you add your product to your set, it enters the Polyvore pool of items that other Polyvore users can access to create their collages.  So the more people who use your vintage clothing, vintage jewelry or collectible piece in their sets, the more exposure your item will receive.
Talk about viral marketing at it's finest.

Within the collage itself as well as in a separate side listing, each item is tagged with it's URL, price & description, that 6.5 million Polyvore viewers have the option of tagging to their Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter accounts.

Polyvore doesn't accept listing from Etsy or Flickr.  But if you have an ArtFire, Addoway or Bonanza store; items are easy to upload, with their clip to Polyvore tool for your tool bar.  It's a very easy site to use.  And Lots of Fun.  The only draw back is that it can be intimidating, as these Polyvore curators are Amazing set designers!

You can also start your own group on Polyvore and run design contests.  Those are very popular.  You have to have 35 people following you in order to start a group.  I would love to connect and help promote your items in my sets.  Just use the drop down arrow on the "search products" click member and search for - (take a guess) - JunkYardGypsy!

Hope to see you there,

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  1. Hey there, I found you and I am now following you but I don't have an account. Let me know if you can see me or if I need to go back & set one up.
    Thank you and great job you are always working so hard!!


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