Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Trip that made it Happen - Metamora, Indiana

It truly IS Indiana's best kept secret.
What an awesome town, What an awesome time!  Metamora not only holds great antique stores, but an ancient relic (well relatively speaking), the Worlds oldest and ONLY Wood Aqueduct that still works.  Old Ben Franklin, along with Bonnie & Clyde will take you down the Whitewater Canal.

Stay in Connersville and ride the Steam Locomotive into Metamora for the day.  We went in October for the festival, but they have other activities during the summer as well.  You can check those out at  their website at:

The train lets you off right smack dab in the center of town next the where you board the Ben Franklin, an outstanding reproduction of a canal boat from the 1800's

Hurry aboard folks, the train is leaving!

Bonnie & Clyde are the muscle behind your canal tour

View of the town's October Festival from the canal ride
Horsey's Stable
Stop and tell them Thank You for all their hard work

View of boat going down the canal.  Tiny red shelter between the trees is the aqueduct

Working grist mill
Fresh stone ground flour and cornmeal
So go get your best guy or girl and go discover your own Metamora!  Do some great junking, explore a bit of history, enjoy the great weather and make memories with your Loved Ones!
Ciao Caravan Cruiser!

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