Monday, April 13, 2009

Vintage Linens, Handerchiefs & dollies

Who doesn't like linens?  I love to dress up my baskets and bowls of goodies that I take to friends cookouts.  I always get compliments.  I even attach them to my lawn chair.  They think I'm eccentric anyway.  But they secretly love it.  Try it - it keeps the kids out of your chair.  Keeps everyone out of your chair!

So I finally got a chance to do some junking over the weekend, and guess what I came home with?  Handkerchiefs and dollies, of course!

All in their boxes!  Three to a set! 
 I think I'm actually more impressed with the boxes
Especially this one because it says Loeb's Department Store.  Stan's grandmother use to work there.  There use to be one like it in Valparaiso called Lowensteins.  The were like the Macy's for the smaller towns.  Often times owned by wealthy independent families many of which were Jewish as noted from the names.

My next find was a full set of Five identical dollies
in a great Shabby Hot Pink!
I love that they have some green in them.  Really makes them pop!   
Then I ran across these heavy cardboard game pieces from an old game

And a half finished dollie or perhaps some had already been crafting from it???  Kind of like it like that.

Over all I was pretty psyched with my finds.

Ciao for Now!

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