Sunday, August 24, 2014

Should I Empty Vintage Boxes?

I just ran into some old vintage boxes the other day & I didn't pick them up, because some of them were partially open & basically still full. I wish I had seen this article from Antiques Roadshow.

Click here to read the Full Article
 So it basically says to make sure that you empty them if they are already open, have holes or leaks.  Otherwise, if they are perfectly sealed, it's fine to just leave them as they are.
Another good point they made in the article was to add some structural support to the inside of the box to help it keep it's shape.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boston Red Stockings Baseball Cards

Worth One Million Dollars!

She's gonna keep em'  ~ That's cool, but I hope she realizes her kids are going to sell them.  I say, sell Granny, take a trip around the world & kick up your heels!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doing Sushi 70's Style in a Rad Retro Red Sweater Coat

While out antiquing in St. Joesph, Michigan with my best girlfriend we stopped in at Elephants Breath.  Good thing it started raining while we were in there, because we couldn't stop gushing at all our Awesome finds.  Like this Red Sweater Coat from the 70's.
A rad, retro find for sure!
Red Sweater Coat
And what better to place to wear it than out out for a night of sushi at Kona Jack's Fish Market and Sushi Bar for the best sushi combo of  tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, octopus and eel.  Followed by some more eel, yellowtail & beef tataki.  Drooling while I write this.  "Sushi Every Day" < should be a song!
Kona Jack's Sushi
Love all this yummy goodness.  Reminds me of Stan's kid's making sushi dinner for us.
Making Sushi at Home
What a treat that was!
I so want to have a sushi party, and have each guest make their our own sushi roll to share.  Think I'm going to look over PunchBowl's site for idea's on how to host a sushi party.
Back to the red sweater dress coat.  It came with a matching red knit belt, but I thought it looked better with these rad 70's belts.
Alligator Belt
 The Alligator belt was the choice for the evening.
Arron's Breastplate
Then again I kind of like the Jeweled Urim/Thummin aspect of the Aaron Breastplate.

Which one do you like best?

Ciao! JunkYardGypsyStyle
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