Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm a Hot Chocolate Snob ~ There, I Said It

Did you know that cocoa beans
were used as part of Aztec currency?
It was very important to their way of life,
and their chocolate drinks. 
The Aztec’s drank cold chocolate drinks flavored with wine and chili peppers, no sweeteners at all.  It wasn’t until the Spanish started importing it, that they began serving it hot and sweet.  Right around the 1700’s chocolate became a hit in England and the later baroque period picked up on the Hot Chocolate Craze with it’s own version of Starbucks, in their trendy little coffee shops.

Which brings me to my point, I am a Hot Chocolate Snob, and to me, there is something is decidedly wrong with making hot cocoa with water.

That sharp after taste of some concocted powder that sticks to the roof of your mouth, followed by warm water, yuck!  Knowing that it started that way doesn’t help, and the
inclusion of chili peppers doesn’t entice me at all.

And though it may not be of connoisseur quality, I prefer mine made of milk and (hate to say it) Nestles Quick!
(Love this container! Beatles on the back!
No I don't have it ~ DRATZ - Worth about $1000.00 if you can find one)

Why Nestles Quick – duh, because it’s… so rich and quick and chocolate  - that you can't drink it slow...
oops mines gone now!

Stan swears he didn't grow up with this water cocoa either, but every year I find him in the kitchen pulling out the cocoa, powdered milk, shaving candy bars trying to concoct his own hot chocolate mix to dump in…you guessed it…. Hot water!  I just walk by and say something intelligent like "That might taste a lot better if you pulled out the jug of milk sitting in the refrigerator" then I smile.  I always smile, just to make sure I don't get jabbed.  Think I’ll start suggesting chili peppers and wine next year.

Of course, toast with butter is always a good accompaniment to hot chocolate. Preferably some thick slice of homemade bread toasted and slathered in real butter, but I'll take a piece out of the bag & use some oleo if none is to be found.  I like the crunch factor that goes along with the creamy smoothness of the milk & chocolate.

My mother use to like to dunk her toast in her hot chocolate, and make it all soggy, which tends to made me want to gag.  Personally, I think that the only thing that should be dunked in milk is an Oreo.

If I had had a little hot chocolate foresight, instead of like 3am in the morning, as I’m writing this, I'd make cinnamon rolls… not from scratch mind you, from the can.

Speaking of the dough boy, I think I'll call him and have him pick up some fresh milk and a can of Pillsbury to satisfy my real hot chocolate craving, and be done with this pseudo cocoa concoction.

Since I’m not drinking milk (which is suppose to help you to sleep) here’s to hopping I dream of Swiss Alps instead of large goofy looking bunnies.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams – silly wabbit!

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  1. I was drinking hot chocolate when I saw the post in twitter and I had to click, lol. Mmmm, it's so yummy. My step mom puts a piece of cheese in hers when she drinks it. I just use good ol' milk. :)

  2. Yikes! You've whet my appetite now.... I LOVE Hot chocolate... but also enjoy a good Latte or Cappuccino every now and then.... And cookie dunking should be deemed a national pasttime! :) Great blog....

  3. I find hot chocolate great for the cold season. I love any kinds of chocolate in all shapes and form.


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