Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Denim Jacket for my trip to Worlds Longest YardSale down the 127 Corridor

I have five pounds of antique buttons.  "You have some explaining to do Missy!" Stan said when the package arrived.  Hate when that happens!  "Oh Yeah, those are for you to help me sort by color".
I did find a way to utilize a whole whopping eight of them, on this cute cute denim jacket.  Exactly what will become of the other thousand, I have yet to decide.
I also have like five pounds of doilies, so I thought I add in some of that to my project as well, along the collar and the pocket.  I even had enough for elbow patches.  Then I painted the back.  Ok, I started to paint the back, but my girlfriend Debbie wanted to play too, so she pretty much took over and painted the back of the jacket.  I added the "Caravan Tour" when she wasn't looking.

I know it will be crazy hot in August when we trip down the 127 corridor, and I can't wear it during the day, but maybe in the evening.  Hey it's the Midwest, you never know what the weather is going to be like.

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