Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Have Two New Daughter In Laws!

Been a busy two months!  Our eldest son Eric married in September and middle son Andy married in October.  Not like they could have split this up a bit for us or anything!  No let's just do it all at once.

Youngest son told us a week before this last wedding that he was engaged.  We told him, "Don't Even think you're getting married this year Mr."!  His wedding date will be the same as Andy & Em's in 2010.  So I told all three of them when it comes time for anniversary parties that they need to consolidate and just have one party, none of this 3 parties in 2 months with two on the same day.

So my junking and posting has been almost non-existent.  And with winter fast approaching, I guess I'll be limited to auctions and antique stores, but that's alright as I have many projects that need attention.  Looking for one of those turbo heaters to heat the garage.  Hard to paint when you're shaking from the cold, paint globs up, and it's just a mess!  Winter is not my favorite time of the year.

Here's our beautiful daughter in laws.

Awe, the way he's just beaming adoration upon her ~ love it

Andria's quite the artist and painted this mural for their wedding.
Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Muse.

Eric & Andria

Oh, look she's already poking him - "Eat your Sushi!"

Live Long and Prosper!

Both weddings were so nice and totally unique to each couple

Andy & Emily

Outdoor wedding at Riehle Plaza

Mr. Murphy and Associates

Em was so totally giddy and happy


And this is Pete and Miss Lauren who will be wedded next year.

She already has him in training.  "Cough it up love, I need some cash!"

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