Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Retro Art Deco Metal Hamper

Yes I have actually been junking since our return, and doing a little refurbishing.  Stumbled across this beauty at a resale shop.  Actually Stan eyed this one.  Good eye Stan!   I call him my little diamond in the rough.

First I kind of went - eh? - but that art deco front, was saying forget that the gold trim is worn and my vinyl faded seat makes you want to gag ~ look at me - "I'm really cool"
Yes, Mr Hamper you do have potential.  So we took him home and gave him a little TLC and wa-la he looks 10 times better!
Re-covered his seat with a black ribbed taffeta and applied a distressed gold fluer di lis pattern to the top, then we painted all the gold trim black so he didn't look so worn.  Really wanted to leave the integrity of the diamond front design, even though there are some stains.  But the nice thing is someone else could easily come in and totally repaint to fit their own decor, as well as change out the fabric.
This next piece is going to be way cool too.

Chippy old wall insert medicine cabinet!!!  Has a beveled mirror and original glass knob.

Since this is a built in, we had to make it functional, so Stan has added sides and back so that it can stand on its own.  That way it can be placed on a dresser, buffet, shelf, even hung from the wall.  It's totally functional as stand alone unit.  So far that's all that has been done, because I can't decide what's next.  I know I want the inside back lined with some vintage rose wallpaper, the front chippy white, but I can't decide if I want to hand paint floral designs to the sides, do mosaic, or repeat the wallpaper.
Ah, either way someone is going to fall in love with this neat vintage storage unit.

Well, I hope everyone had a good 4th of July!  We spent ours with family, and then with friends later in the evening.  Hope all the awareness parties had good turn outs even though the weather was kind of nasty around here.  Keep the fight for your Liberty on your mind not just now, but through out the year.


  1. Wow! Cool finds! The hamper is gorgeous wit its face lift! Good eye for the find and good eye for the re-do!


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