Monday, August 17, 2009

KJ to the Rescue~Save those paintings

Found this Treasure being Totally Neglected by the dealer that was holding it ( in a discarded bad place), and obviously by whom ever inherited it after it's original owner, Wilson Wright.   Looks like it was probably shoved is someones closet, with everything that could be brushed up against, being done so. Mr. Wright paid good money for this precious piece of Americana back in the 40's, And he would be appalled at your lack of consideration.  That being said... This print is is either a litho or gicelle.  I do not have the background in art to make that distinction.  It was produced by the Donald Art Company.

What makes this print so unique is that it's actually depicting a strong confident black man in the middle of a horrendous situation lost somewhere in the Gulf Stream.   Perhaps this is similar to how some of our brave men feel in the midst of war? Where does his confidence come from? How does his courage stand?
The poor guy is surrounded by sharks and a tornado is brewing in the distance!

Winslow Homer painted this in 1899 based on his winter trips to the Bahamas. The original oil on canvas is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The shot below shows the "rigger" that was re-worked into the painting by Homer after his peer's felt that the painting was somewhat gloomy. They felt that by him adding the rigger it gave the painting a glimmer of hope.

The original went up for sale in 1900-01 for an astounding price tag of $4,000.00. He had much difficulty selling the painting, but he never knew if was because of the high price or the gloomy subject matter.

It's our hope that someone might have a special place for this in their home.  It's so important to preserve our heritage for future generations.  And this is a grand example of strength and endurance.

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