Monday, August 3, 2009

Creepy Cool Barn and A Wedding at Ross Camp Chapel

Saturday we made our way out to Ross Park to officiate a wedding at Ross Camp Chapel.  I was I antsy so we left early and had sometime to kill.  Stan suggested that we drive up to Black Rock so I could see where the pirates hung out at back in the 1800's.  More scavengers than pirates per say, since they took over the part of the Wabash river where everything as far as Logansport washes up into this weird bend in the river.  Wow, Stan exciting - Not - story was cool, not much to see.  However, there was this old barn on the way that I stopped and took pictures of...
I just loved how the vines and weeds have totally consumed this old barn.

It was getting ready to pour down rain and was very over cast - no sun at all - great for picture taking

 Shingles sliding off the roof.
Huge raven sitting across opposite the barn.
So here's the story.  Stan goes to work, I download the pictures.  Stan's always going on about balls of light in pictures being ghost, and I keep saying, yeah right, bad flash, reflection, whatever Stan.  But I did take note that there was this light in the window of the barn on all the shots.  Couldn't have been the sun, it was getting ready to rain, totally overcast.  No other building, houses, etc..  So of course I mention it to him when he comes home, cause I knew it would make his day.  And he said well, I've got a story for you!  I was telling a friend at work that we went up to Black Rock.  This friend was a deputy sheriff and big history buff like Stan.  And when Stan told him that I had taken a fondness for this old barn, Bill proceeded to give him the history.  Back around 1850 with the railroad taking precedence over river traffic, Black Rock pirates started to feel the pinch in their pocket books.  Not being the most savory of character it wasn't beyond the Black Rock pirates to turn to thievery.  Hence, when they found one them with the neighbors horse about 2 miles north they strung him up and hung him in that barn for being a horse thief.
Humm??? Make of it what you will. 
So on to the wedding...
This is great little chapel built sometime in the 1800's, not original to the location, it was moved there.
I've officiated more weddings than I can count at this location. So it's one of my favorites.

Architecturally, this place rocks.  The Gothic, Germanic motif of the window design is repeated along the panel inserts as well as the pews 

Our photo of the stain glass representation of the Lord as Shepard doesn't do this awesome work of art justice.
Since my pictures are so lousy, I've thrown in some of photographer Megan Petry's 'Creative Edge Photography' work from another wedding I officiated at earlier this year.  Sweet Lauren & Tim
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I'm very taken with your pictures of the barn. I love the greenness of it all. The lushness.
    Thanks. A very enjoyable blog.


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