Monday, April 27, 2009

JunkYard Gypsies Caravan Tour Scheduled for June!

Just got word today that the Spring JunkYard Gypsies Caravan Tour is scheduled for June!  My mother, Aunt and my Aunt's daughter and I are taking 12 days on the road to do a little Junking, a whole lot of Eating and of course taking in the Sites.  The 1st purpose of the trip is to go to McNaughton Wisconsin to see what use to be my Grandfathers old cabin and property on the river.  Di is Sooo looking forward to that.  So were heading up to Wisconsin Dells and staying at a really old funky Inn.  It's one of those real old motels that use to be really swank in the day.  You tell by the old house and the property (like in nice big sprawling lawns) - Not by the rooms mind you - they usually are Very clean and Extremely Old.  Truly cottage rooms and usually dark wood paneling or knotty pine and dank.  Not what most are use to these days.
We'll stay there for 3 days, then we're off to McNaughton to reminice, and check on the locals.  After that a long drive up to Mackinaw Island.  Looking at trying to hit the Lilac Festival at the 1st of the month.  No we're not staying at the Grand.  Too pricey.  We have a place on the water with a little beach area.  Not that we'll be swimming mind you.  Wee bit Cold in June.  Heck it's a wee bit cold in the height of summer!  Then not sure.  Maybe hit a harbor town, Holland Michigan or who knows.  They are still working out the details of the last leg.  Can't wait to go make some memories and do some Junking!

Ciao, for now caravan cruisers!

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