Friday, May 13, 2011

Foxes & Phloxes & Bees Oh My

 and Phloxes
 And Bees,

Oh My!

Just some nature shot's out at the cabin last weekend.  Rhonda & Steve had 6 baby foxes right outside their back door, but I only got to capture one on film.  They have a tunnel from one side of the hill to the other, so we're hoping that perhaps the others were over there, and no coyotes had them for dinner.

Just a little fuzz ball of fur
 Fox hole is right in front of the log
Baby Fox Pups - they're just so Cute!
 Wild Canary
Turkey Vultures.  Felt like I was trying to shoot skeet photographing them.

  Busy Bumble Bee
 Finally caught him in flight
 Just because I liked the texture of his wings
Bee Butt
 Lilac's - one of my favorites

Hope you're enjoying Spring!

KJ - the JunkYard Gypsy

Monday, May 9, 2011

Morel Mushroom Madness - a May Day Treat

They call basketball March Madness  - well just let the warm weather hit at the beginning of spring and round here in Indiana, it’s Morel Mushroom Madness.  Walk into a store, a bar, or get a few locals gathered at a garage sale and they start talking Morel Mushrooms – how much so & so got, where they found them (they lie about that part), how big they are etc…I never knew folks could talk so much about a mere mushroom.  But a morchella mushroom, is not an average mushroom, oh no, a morel mushroom can only be obtained during a certain time of year.  And to date, they can Not be cultivated successfully; (plus they cannot be mistaken for something that will cause an agonizing death) so they are highly prized and fervently sought after.  Those in the know (and with the Eye) guard their secret mushroom haunts and hunting abilities.
This would be considered the Morel Motherload –
I could only dream about stumbling across something like this!

Many of the people who stopped by for the garage sale (after spying the beautiful wooded setting) asked if we had been out hunting for morels.  “Not yet, but as soon as this sale is over it’s the 1st thing on our agenda.”  Steve headed out 1st while we were still manning the sale and came back with two.  They were Huge!  I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get out there and start hunting.  After the sale we decided to check in the opposite direction, and cover the front part of the woods first.  We searched & searched to no avail.  So we headed back to the area where he found the first two and Bingo I found my 1st morel.
And not too far away another one!
After that my luck ran dry and I resorted to photographing other types of fungus.
Do you see him sitting in that log?  This is it up-close.  Like some deformed figure.
While watching this cute little snail truck across this log, 
 This little guy was much easier to shoot than that bubblebee
 Steve scored three more!

I would have been happy with my two shrooms, but my friends graciously sent me home with the whole lot.
The biggest was 6” including the stem, about 4” for just the head.  7 mushrooms total -  more than enough to get my morel mushroom fix.

So are you a Morel Mushroom Hunter?
Leave me a comment & tell us how you fared.
I heard it was a bumper crop this year!



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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Indiana Garage Sales Amish Style

Spent some time with my friend’s at their log cabin in Delphi, IN.  They’re putting their home on the market this summer.  So if you enjoy the ride and your looking for a place to hide this be it, baby!  It’s about a 30-minute drive from Lafayette.

Thursday morning on my way up, I decide to stop in the town of Delphi to take a quick peek in side one of their antique stores, which sits directly across from the courthouse.  I could have stayed for hours but, I knew my friends were waiting for me, so I did a 10 min peruse through the store.  Upon leaving I get to see a guy, in an orange jumpsuit, being hauled back to jail.

Pull out and go around the block.  While I’m waiting in line, I get to sit behind a semi hauling Pigs to... (I’m almost positive)

Indiana Packers Corporation – (pigs slaughtered on site/distributor).  Canned, Frozen, Kosher (really? please explain), Salted or Unsalted Pork.  Unintentional plug for my buddies working the packer’s plant in Delphi.

But wait it get better!  So I’m out there to help them with a Garage Sale.  They have like 13 acres in BFE, and it take like 5 minutes just to get up their driveway – Ok, I’m exaggerating just a bit.  Sale is at 8am – Nothing unusual there, except our 1st customers of the day are some Leedyites.  And I'm sure most of you are wondering what a Leedyite is; a Leedyite is similar in dress to Amish or German Baptist.  But there are many different sects that have emerged from that culture from which the Leedyite derives.  It's complicated, and can not be distinguished by appearance, you normally have to have an understanding of the history of the religious culture and family name recognition is a big bonus.

(Jockeying their horse and buggy into position)
I had to grab my camera and start snapping away.  I’m laughing hysterically (on the inside mind you – not out loud) thinking – Yep we’re off to fast start this morning!  When my friend reprimands me and says “Hey they don’t appreciate having their photograph taken”.   I immediately stop and rush inside to dispose of the camera.  I wasn’t aware that they forbid cameras & mirrors, as it is a reflection of vanity ~ (So True). Except…and I’ll reveal as I go on.

So they walk up to the house from the middle part of the drive.  They didn’t pull the horse & carriage up to the pavement, but parked them in the woods.  We exchange pleasantries and after a bit of shopping I approach the gentleman and asked if it would be all right if I took a picture of his horse and carriage, and he said I may.

And that is where photography is not so much acceptable to them (because It’s modern technology) but tolerated or allowed because it has to do with nature (for lack of a better word) and not the soul.     I tend to think of it along the line of some Native Americans not wanting to be photographed for fear of stealing their soul.

Her sale went very well, and I helped save a two items, a 1971 Barbie house & Marx train set.  She said that is why she sent for me, but we both know it was for my parking attendant extraordinaire abilities.  Just try maneuvering 7 cars with only 4 parking spots on a single lane.  I even had to jump into peoples cars, back them up and turn around for them!

So, Any who...I didn’t want to make this one post excruciatingly long so this will be a 3 part post – Next up are the baby Foxes & Phloxes, and Morel Mushrooms Madness. 
Wishing you long Open Roads and
Wheels to carry you there.

KJ the JunkYard Gypsy

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